Coy VonThistledorf

A handsome, dashing, and quick witted Houdini-esque conjurer that loves to perform.


Son of Julius and Zarurra


Proud & Resourceful
When we were in training for swordsmanship, Robert was the better in skill and tried to use the advantage to embarrass me in front of all the other students. My strengths were not of arms but of mind. I was gifted with the studies of magic instead. I turned the table on him by conjuring a magic sword that counters all attacks from mage on Earth called “Tome”. I bested him that day and gave him a small scar on his chin as a reminder to never underestimate your opponent.

Obstinate & Stealthy
In our school days, whoever won the daily challenge set up for us could decide who would stay behind to clean up and study as the others were rewarded with free time to play. We were visiting with our uncle King Malcolm when we were challenged with the task of painting. Her highness cousin Divinity was a skilled artist and easily won the challenge, but was persuaded by my brother Robert to choose me to stay behind. Having been left behind once again, I decided to sneak out to play instead. I unlocked doors, evaded the guards on sentry, infiltrated the library, practiced my arcane arts, and returned unnoticed in time to finish cleaning before the others returned.

Tenacious & Crazy
After my “training” with Logrus, my family sought council with Divinity on how to contain me till I could be made well. She helped them to construct a pattern enforced trump prison to hold me. My powers were held in check, my magic stripped away, and my sanity all but completely shredded and gone. It took months to learn to slip my bonds and longer still to search for a weakness to exploit for escape. A demon had noticed my attempts to break free and appeared before me to devour me as an easy meal. Luckily for me, as soon as it manifested, a Logrus tendril of summoning came for him and it began to be pulled away. Realizing I too had the ability to influence the Logrus I reached out and was pulled away with it to its destination.*
When I got free I was deemed well enough to be released. I did get better, but I kept my most useful tool of escape a close secret… My insanity still remains.

Opportunistic & Distrusting
*The lecture on summoning at the Ursaline Academy was the last place that I expected to appear, but prison escapees can’t be choosers. My addition to the summoning interrupted the ritual and unleashed the demon on the class. It quickly attacked and bit off the hand of a fellow student, Daiklyn. Seeing this as a chance to prove my mental stability to everyone, I quickly used my now unbound magic to help contain the demon. Though now I am free from my cage, I vow to never again let those close to me a chance to lock me up again.

Coy VonThistledorf

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