Rules and Character creation

All Players start with 100 points, to be split between stats, (Psyche, Strength, Endurence, and Warfare which are bid upon.) and Powers and perks.

Stats range from Human which is + 25 points to Chaos ( +10 pts.) to Amber Rank which is base. Then procede from rank one through twelve.

For the players, the highest rank one can get is based on the number of player chacters in the game since you are basically bidding to see who in the “party” has the highest of any individual stat.


In my game there are three tiers of powers in the universe. Primary, secondary, and tertiary. MAny of the powers sets “do” the same type of thing, but their difference is mainly in style or how the action gets done. For example, all the powers have ways of moving you around the universe. Shadow walking with Pattern, pulling you through to places with Logrus, Gating to places with Primal energy. All these are, in “hero” terms, just extra dimensional movement. But this game is much more about style than substance. So I will talk about the powers as their style dictates and you can leave the “rules” for them up to me.

The five primary powers are:

*Pattern; 50 pts. The symbol of Order in the universe. Reflections of the Pattern(s) cause the distinctness of all the myriad worlds that make up the multiverse. Ironically, there are many Patterns and just one of its counterpart.

*Logrus; 45pts. Is the symbol of Chaos in the universe. An almost mathematical abstraction encompassing all probability and chaos theory. It is also the force of change throughout the multiverse.

*The Way; 10 to 50pts. The very force of the idea of life itself. Roughly equivalent to the Tao. For those with a more geeky bent, the Force. In and through all things, the Way is the force that combats entropy most directly. Or, turned to evil, is destruction’s most potent force.

*The Abyss; 60pts. All probability all the time. Black roiling chaos. Destruction and renewal rolled into one. Literally everything came from this primal chaos but to expose anything to it means its destruction or unalterable change.

*Distinctness; 65pts. The power of one. Unique in the multiverse, beings that have achieved Distinctness are separate and alone. In Amber terms they cast no shadow. There can be NO other like them in the multiverse. And because of that they can not be destroyed. They have become part of the universe itself.

Secondary powers Are:

Nature; 35pts Not just trees and such. More the Gaia spirit type of thing. The sense of life itself on a particular world or realm. The combined forces of the natural world.

Symbolism; 40pts. This is the basis for Trump. The power of the symbol over the thing it represents. Both in name and form. Those who have control of the symbol can affect what the symbol represents from across the multiverse.

Archetype; 45pts. The embodiment of an Idea or thing. Those beings with this power ARE Fate or Death or Lost Socks or Love or Basket Weaving. They have complete control of their particular estate. But the Idea also has control over them and they can not act against it.

Psionics; 10 to 40pts. Or the power of the mind. This is the power of consciousness itself. Can be incredibly powerful but it’s easy to lose oneself in the myriad of minds in the universe. A typical Psychic power ( Telekinesis for example Or Telepathy) usually costs 20 pts. This is driven by the Psyche Stat of course.

Primal Energy; 45pts. The power of the gods. Or the power of raw uncontained Magic. Primal energy comes from the worship or concentration of masses of sentiments or other equally magical sources. Like Archetypes gods have a particular function or estate ( Thor , god of storms.) But gods control those natural occurrences rather than ARE those occurrences.

Planer Energy; 45pts. This is the power of planes of existence. That energy which binds together space and time itself. Those with access to this power can alter the fundamental way things work in a particular plane. This is the power of what we know as physical laws.

Cellular Power; 35pts This is the control of the stuff of life. The basic biologic structures. This is the basis for shape shifting. Masters of this power can alter their own or even others basic biological functions.

Teriary powers are

Magic; 10 to 30 points. Widely variable, Magic is the interaction of will upon the world. Practicaly any magic system you want to use is available. Just realize that Magic doesn’t work the same in every “shadow”. Some of them it works not at all, and others a light spell could blow up a building. The points range from 10 points to “power words” (Simple spells that just take a word) to 25 points for D&D magic and 30 points for the classic Whitewolf “Mage” Magic.
In Amber proper, Magic works well, but powerfull magic seems to be dampened.

Creature Powers; 10 to 30 points. These are powers that stem from being part of a specific type of creature. Fae powers are 15 points, Werewolf powers are 20, Vampire or Demon powers are 25, Dragon powers are 30 pts. This is basically bought as a very limited shape shift power. And ALL of these come with specific drawbacks ( Fae can’t lie and take damage from Cold iron for example.)

“Super” Powers; 20 to 35 points. Likewise these are also an offshoot of Shape Shifting. Just about any Superpower is available from super speed or flight to even super strength and armor. It just needs justification in the characters background ( Did they get caught in a gamma bomb explosion?) Realize that many of these powers are limited by the shadow they are in but usually much less so than say Magic.

Time Lord ( or any other Super Science); 30 to 35 points. Intrestingly even MORE dependant on the local physical laws than Magic but capable of so much more. Most technologies have to go through lots of twisting and turning to work in Amber. But then Time technologies are more like a ball of wibblywobbly timeywimey stuff…. That sentence got away from me…

Master level Skill; 10 to 30 points. The ability to pick a very narrow skill and say that your character has studied so long that She has become a “Master” of that skill. This temporarily raises your Stat by 1 to 3 points only where that narrow skill comes into play (The most common would be “martial arts”. When useing martial arts a character could add 1 to 3 ranks into strength) This can be any skill but the GM gets to decide if the skill is “narrowly” defined. I.E. “fighting” is not narrowly defined, “longsword fighting” is.

Rules and Character creation

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