Characters available

There will be 20 available characters to chose from and I will divide the by birth gender. First come first serve.
I will star * characters that are eligible for the pattern.

Assigned female at birth :

1 Immune from physical attacks. That includes magic attacks. Not immune from psychic attacks but bullets and swords do nothing to you. (40) points

2 Plant control , can grow and command plants (30) points

3 Necromantic magic , perfect for the goth girl. You are a necromancer (30)points

5 * Pixie powers , shrinking , flight with wings, poison bite , danger sense. Limited invisibility. You turn into a pixie. (30) points

6 Super genius , literally knows what someone will do or say before they do it . Effectively precognition and danger sense. Plus to warfare stat. (35) points

Assigned male at birth :

2 A character that is ridiculously lucky we can determine how lucky during bidding

3 * telekinesis and flight (30) points

4 * Pixie powers .see above

6 * a character that can have access to shape shift, pattern, lugrus, and way(force) powers .

So you can decide who you want to be , hopefully this is a nice variety and of course you can always decide just to pick from regular powers and or just concentrate on bidding for stats.

I will erase choices as people contact me with what they want to play. Also I have the right to veto choices for plot reasons.

Characters available

Goddess Queen of the Multiverse Florimel