The Hedge Maze

The Hedge Maze gate system was built by House Fox when the Arbor of the Tree of Life was being planted. It was built as a easy access to various strategic points as well as The Hill of the Endless . Each gate responds to an individual key as well as certain harmonics (I.E. you can “sing” your way through the gates.)

The first gate is the “Fox” Gate. It is a small waiting area that you arrive into by stepping through a wrought Iron gate set into a hedge of Holly bushes.(Thus the name.).Inside is what looks like an old style steam train station with wooden benchs and a ticket booth. the Station is run by several Dwarves. To the right of the station is a set of tracks with an old style steam train ready to go through the next gate,the Stag Gate. To the left of the station a gate leads to the Scarab Gate with tracks through it as well. Both the Stag gate and the Scarab gate are left open for commerce purposes though both can be closed in emergencys.

The Scarab Gate leads to a what looks like a loading dock full of boxes and crates and doors leading to what look like airlocks set in metal walls. The airlocks lead to various drill equiped submersibles that travel through this liquid mud level of Tuteck. The Dwarves use this as a loading dock for the train that goes through the Stag Gate as well as shipping it out the gate at the far end of this loading facility,the Leviathan Gate.

The Leviathan Gateopens onto a floating dock facility out in the far ocean of Arbor With loading docks and cranes and warehouses all on large floating docks anchored to the ocean floor. From here the dwarves trade with all the islands in the ocean as well as an embarkation point for diminsional ships to many far ports. Three days sail away is the next gate, the Swan Gate.

The Swan Gate is also a great floating port, but it has fallen into less use with the Pegasus Gate being rendered useless. Empty warehouses and lots of bars are the hallmark of this place. The dwarven commercial empire’s criminal element uses the Swan Gate as a illicit trade hub.

The Pegasus Gate did lead to a great stallar empire based on an alternate earth. Recently the time diferential became extreme. Traveling into this gate essentially freezes time for those traveling. They can enter but they will not leave again for billions of years. This has rendered this gate effectively useless.

On the other side of the Fox Gate is the Stag Gate. The steam train runs through the gate into a forested area on the side of low mountains a mere few miles away is another station much like the last. This place is on the large island continent in the southern hemisphere of Tuteck . This is the land of the Fur’re and the Saar and is very pastoral and almost medieval in the use of technology. A few more miles on and the train reaches the Wolf Gate.

The Wolf Gate is set in the far plains of Arbor near the famed Library of Thoth. This train station has a wooden stockade and is much like a fort in the old west of earth. This is Apache territory. and the tribes tey and raid this train station often. This is high prairie with tall grass all around. Several hours by train away is the Lion Gate with a stockade fort all its own.

The Lion Gate leads back to the island continent of the Star Sisters on Tuteck in the nothern hemesphere of that world. This is an older but very cosmopolitan city set in the desert mountians. The trains go from here all over the desert island trading goods for the dwarves and the Star Sisters. But one line leads south to the Dragon Gate and the equally large city surrounding it.

The Dragon Gate leads to a town deep in the Desert of Nadra on The Vale. This town is set at the foot of a large mesa and is run by the dwarves allies, the Azer. From here is is a five day train ride south to the Raven Gate and the Swan Gate access to the same set of worlds the Pegasus Gate went to.(I.E. the Swan Gate is also useless.) There is also an elevator built up the side of the mesa to a cave which houses the Pheonix Gate

The Pheonix Gate Leads to the borders of the Lands of House Handrix in the Courts of Chaos. When going through the gates one sees a very long and complex rope bridge across a huge canyon full of giant bones and skeletons. Occasionally one see giant worms (Dholes) borrowing in the valley below. Crossing the rope bridge leads to the House of Chaos itself and within guarded by Chaos demons is the Unicorn Gate to the The Hill of the Endless.

The Raven Gate is in the swampy marshes to the south of the Desert of Nadra on The Vale. There is a smaller town here that mainly fuctions as the end of the train route. The gate itself is set in the air about twenty feet up and is reached by a set of wide stairs.

When you pass through the gate you find yourself about twenty feet in the air under the castle of the Tengu that guards the town of Ravensburg near The Ursuline Academy that is run by it’s headmaster Rigel. This world is deep within Tuteck and is a very primitive medieval land if one ventures away from the close environs of the Academy. About 15 miles away in a dense forest is the Griffon Gate.

The Griffon Gateleads to a world of talking dinosaurs that is technically part of the “twin paradises” of the outer planes. the gate opens into a jointly run city of both humans and dinosaurs that is slightly more advanced than level of Tuteck it connects to. Many miles away is a set of stone archs that lead from here to The Hill of the Endless thus making the second way to arrive there.

Set within the dome building on The Hill of the Endless is an Apple Tree and on its trunk is the Tree of Life Gate.
The Tree of Life Gate leads to a wide ledge made of bark set miles high up on the trunk of Yggdrasil. The ledge is about 100 yards wide and about half a mile in length. The gate itself is guarded by Ravagons, A pterodactyl like people loyal to the The Empress that have dangerous life draining abilities. They also gaurd the Bat Gate.

The Bat Gate leads to the Grove of the Delphan elves ancestors deep in the forests of Arbor The grove is the home of Eric the Binder and his beloved The Necromancer. It is a quiet grove of tree inhabited by the oldest of the ghosts of the Delphan’s ancestors. At it’s heart is the Gate of the Spider The last gate and the one that leads to The Library at the End of Time.

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The Hedge Maze

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