The Hill of the Endless

The Hill of the Endless is the spot on which , at the begining of time, the Tree of Life,Yggdrasil was planted.

It consists of three rings of permanant gates surrounding a central set of three gates. Set between the outer ring and the middle ring is a small domed building that has several gates on its interior walls. In front of that building is the Chessboard. An iconic chessboard that one can look at the movement of fate or become enmeshed in destiny.

The small domed building is known as the Gazebo of Eternity. It is a hexagonal building and the dome is painted with a trump of a blue sky. Sunshine filters in but a sun is nowhere to be seen.
In the center of the room is an apple tree growing green apples surrounded by a small stream about a foot wide. the stream comes from the back wall of the building on which is an everflowing waterfall falling into the stream and covering a small cave.
The cave is a gate to the lotus pool of Ganesha.

On the side right of the waterfall, looking toward it is a lush arbor of roses with a small bench set beneath. If one sits on the bench and then turns around one will be gated to the small cottage that is the house of Deathset on a winding path on some endless cliff face floating in the deapths of space, the Wall at the end of the universe.

To the left of the waterfall is a lush arbor of grapes with a small bench set in it. Turning around will gate you to Arbor near the vinyard belonging to Iron Joe An eternal warrior that is set gaurding time itself.

Faceing toward the archway leading out to the Hill of the Endless on the right is what looks to be a mechanical iris airlock . This leads to the giant ship of Galactus, Devourer of Worlds.

To the left facing out, is a painting of a cave. A trump of a cave high on MT. Kolvier in Amber that once held Dworkin. Just outside the cave is the Primal Pattern of Amber.

The center three gate structures represent the Three Most High. They are a well, a gallows and a manhole cover.

The stone well, complete with rope and bucket, leads to a set of asteroids that float like islands each containing a prison for those judged by the tribunal of the three most high.
These, the most dangerous and evil beings in the multiverse are brought to this place by The Grey Man and a gaurded by eternal warriors loyal to Oghma. This is a dreary, dangerous place to visit.

The gallows leads, through it’s trap door, into the very eldest incarnation of something like Amber. Now known as the Citadal of the Pillar of Light this gate transfers one to the very beginings of the multiverse. The Citadal is ruled by Queen Adriannei one of the wives of Corbadesh. The Citadel is on an small island set in a wide sea of what is apparently milk.

The manhole cover leads to an alternate, modern day, earth. It comes out into a sewer system under a city known as Cerulean City. This is where old Fish has gone to retire from his work preserving the multiverse.

Surounding the three gates is the inner ring of five gates:

*The smoking cave that leads to the Plane of Earth

*the twining ivy bower that leads to the elvan heaven of “the West”

*the Onyx Arch that leads to deep in the Abyss, the Demon web of Lloth.

*the Statue of the Oroboros that leads to the outer Plane of Arcadia

*the Arch of Gold that leads to the outer Plane of the nine Hells

Outside of the inner ring is the middle ring of six gates:

  1. the Den/cave that leads to the Plane of the Hunting grounds
  1. the small springfed pool that leads to the outer Plane of the Seven Heavens
  1. the natural stone arch that leads to the world where the Griffon Gate is in The Hedge Maze
  1. the wooden scaffold that leads to the outer Plane of Elysium and the Isle of the Blessed.
  1. the everburning pyre that leads to the Positive Material Plane.
  1. the bloody twisted Oak tree that leads to House Handrix in the Courts of Chaos. And the Pheonix Gate from The Hedge Maze.

The Outer Ring

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The Hill of the Endless

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