The Library at the End of Time

The Library at the End of Time is a construct that impinges on the edges of 6 or more universes that have succumbed to entropy and heat death. None of these universes will collapse and reform so they are literally places where time has ended.

The Library itself appears to be a central hollow column approximately 3 miles in diameter with shelves and shelves of books lining the inside of the ‘tube’ . This central column seems to go infinitely up and down with stairs and ladders to go between levels of shelves.
If one has an understanding of the rather arcane shelving system it is relatively easy to find a book on literally ANY subject. Every so many levels there are extensive card catalogs for those who are less knowledgeable in library science.

One should beware however of the information contained therein. It will be from events in universes long past. Similar to what is currently happening but perhaps missing relevant details and in some cases the absolute reverse of the current events.

Outside of the central core of the library are layers of wide pillared verandas that eventually lead to a balcony that looks out into the abyss of the dead universes.
Somewhere out in the blackness resides Oblivion, a sentient force dedicated to the destruction of all matter. He can be summoned to the edge of the library but those who do rarely survive and none come away unchanged.

The Library is protected by The Librarian at the End of Time. A very powerful but mysterious creature whose sole goal seems to be the protection of the great library.

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The Library at the End of Time

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